If you believe you deserve a credit for poor quality, damaged or otherwise unusable produce, please let us know at info@produceclub.ca or send a message to our Facebook page. We will evaluate cases individually. Be sure to include when and where you received your produce and how it was stored. Pictures are helpful. This needs to be done as soon as possible, as we will not evaluate cases after a week has passed.

Missed Pickup: Please observe the pickup times carefully. We usually have other locations to attend, or deliveries to complete that day before or after so don’t have the time to wait around for pickups.

If you are not there to pick up your box within the designated time, you will still be charged for your box, but will not necessarily be able to receive it, as we will have moved on to our next location. We are a small company, and missing your pickup means we still have paid for your produce out of our pockets. Evidently, produce is a very quickly perishable item, which means that it has a short lifespan especially after being packed and transported to your location. We recommend setting a reminder alarm on your phone for 30 minutes before your pick up so you don’t forget!

In some cases, we can work out a plan to get your box to you if you’ve missed pickup. Our main hub is located in Walkerton, and this may mean that you will have to pick it up in Walkerton.

Cancellation: 48hrs notice must be given to cancel or “hold” a box. You can do this by logging into your account and putting a hold on your subscription, or to cancel send us an email at info@produceclub.ca or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Suspension of service: Your box will not be delivered if your payment does not go through, or you don’t have money in your account to cover the price of the box. If we do not receive a timely payment from you, you will receive an email letting you know that your service has been suspended. Restarting your box delivery often takes several days, as the lists are made in advance, so please check in with us if you are unsure of your delivery. We do not hold your box if it shows there is a payment processing. Credit will not be given if you fail to pick up your box. If you do not get a box, there will be no charge for your box that week.

Box Variance: Sometimes, due to quality or abundance, we are not able to put the same items in every box. We do try our best. An entire week will have a similar packed box but may have some alternate items throughout the week if we run out of stock, or quality has gone down throughout the week.

Furthermore, the volume of the box will very likely vary throughout the year, depending on the season as produce costs are variable.

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