1. How do I order?

You can order by clicking the "Sign Up" button under the "Join the Club" heading.

2. Do I have to order every single week?

No you do not! You can order weekly, or bi-weekly. If you think bi-weekly is too often, you can put a temporary hold on a box for a week if you don't want it. We just need 48hrs notice for a hold.
If you'd like to just order boxes occasionally, please send us a message on social media the week you'd like to order!

3. Is your produce organic?

Our produce is not organic, but sometimes you may see the odd organic item.

4. Where do you source your produce?

Our supplier is Ralph Pitt Produce in Walkerton, where most of the produce comes from the Ontario Food Terminal. We do sometimes receive produce from local producers.

5. Is your produce local?

We try to support Ontario grown produce as much as possible! You will see much more in the summer months, but we also will supply foreign produce as to ensure good value, quality and variety!

6. Can I get my produce box delivered?

Yes we can deliver to your house, depending on where you live. We charge additional delivery fees based on delivery area. Send us a message if you are unsure about delivery fees, or if we service your address.

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